Panes of Glass that Twist in the Wind
1981-84,1999; 24 pages, 4.25 x 5.5" saddlestich self cover. Original images are polaroid SX-70 prints, rubber stamped with text. The book was originally designed as a single book of hand stamped SX-70 prints, but was never completed. This book uses digitally scanned images of those prints. It is currently available upon request. Each book is pigment inkjet printed on archival papers and hand assembled. Signed and dated as produced. Each book is $18.00. Add $3.00 shipping and 9.75% tax if ordering within the state of California.

Sandy Sanders
2200 Adeline Street, #250A
Oakland, CA 94607

(Note: my given name is Marshall Sanders and I used this name attribution until about 1995 when I switched to my better known nickname, Sandy.)