Shopdropping Cards (1/2)

These cards are high resolution pdf files at 2.75 x 4.25". I print them on card stock and drop them on store shelves. They look just like advertising stuff and blend right in. Book store shelves or racks of product literature are particularly suitable.The main images are taken from contemporary print ads or WWII posters. Altered text in the WWII poster versions reuse images from the war against fascism to wage war against the engineered corporate social fascism of mindless consumer consumption. The print ad versions reuse images intended to engineer unconscious participation in the act of buying for it's own sake, and redirect attention towards the conscious act of buying only necessary, non-toxic and sustainable products and services. This would force all businesses to either "get with the plan" or go out of business. Let's have a little fun and culturally judo our way to eutopia! Available individually below, or all in one pdf (4.5mb), 8-up in 4 signatures (4.1mb) for mass back-to-back printing on your own, or all together (13.1mb).

©free 2005 Sandy Sanders

"United You Win"
"People's Rebellion"
"No Fear"
"Walk on By"
"Spring to Life"
"Free Love"
"Thinking is Cool"
"Factory Fresh"

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