The Revolution is You!
(Please note: This "Tea Party" page was made
years before the current corporate Republican
fad tea party appeared. A fact they are ignoring is
that the 1773 Tea Party was a protest against the
British East India Companya multinational
corporation that was robbing the colonies blind.)

These street stickers and leaflet portray Georgie Boy for who he really is ... a puppet, big-brother-bozo figurehead for the move to a world-wide corporatization of soveriegn nations. The WTO and the G8 and their NAFTA, CAFTA and international trade rules are nothing less than the creation of an international super government. These trade agreements supercede our national and state constitutions and allow transnational corporations to sue ANYONE interfering with their business operations! Currently tha State of California is being sued and even Canada's postal system is being sued by UPS for infringing on their business operations! Google the subject and see what is going on for yourself. It's truly appalling that our Presidents and Congress, both Red and Blue would sign this stuff into law and essentially give over our soverign nation to the economic rape and pillage of Corporate Pirates.

4-up on a letter size sheet

Letter size sheet

4-up on a letter size sheet

Get out your exacto on a letter size sheets.

Big Brother Is Fearing You!


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