(Please note: This "Tea Party" page was made
years before the current corporate Republican
fad tea party appeared. A fact they are ignoring is
that the 1773 Tea Party was a protest against the
British East India Companya multinational
corporation that was robbing the colonies blind.)

The Revolution is You!
Street Stickers to Spur the Fun and
Revolution of Everyday Egalitarian Life.

These street stickers work great on utility structures or other industrial artifacts in the street landscape. Even dumpsters and truck trailer canisters. As of June of 2006, apparently the city of San Francisco has an unlimited budget to wipe clean every lamp and street post of any grafitti, signage, or citizen public street communication on an almost daily basis...with the exception of current political campaigns which are stacked 20 feet high on many of the posts they wipe clean of anything else. City "management" may think this approach keeps the "tourists" in a blank mind state of "guilt-free-buy-now" and facilitates the local businesses. But as this corporatization of our city landscapes takes over and the communication acts of Earth community's spiritual creatives is blocked, they are actually blocking what people come to the city for... a lively and engaging experience with human beings on the cutting edge of consciousness, doing what they do best, having fun and inspiring others to think and act for themselves to bring about a truly egaliterian society free of war, hate, poverty, profiteering, torture, lies, and anti-democratic leaders. Possibly, if we make it possible for human beings world-wide to have there own localized "piece of the pie", everyone's economy would benefit and we could visit one another's differing cultures in peace, joy and gratitude. Let's end this war for corporate empire forever and get on with with living real life on earth.

All four of

these are on

one 4-up

letter size sheet.

These are 2-up on

a letter size sheet.

Four slightly different stickers 4-up on a letter size sheet.

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