Train Graffiti Works
In the summer of 2016 i started photographing the local train graffiti parked on the tracks and changing every few days. Up close, their images become super-painterly and abstract. The mix of artist cancelling out artist, train maintenance staff cancelling out artist. and nature wearing down all paint and imaging into rust, wear and aging, creates an intriguing subject to document and make more art from. I started using refuse cardboard, a ubiquitous shipping material, as the base for mounting these graffiti images, and cut and modified shape and 3D relief forms to create unique iterations of train graffiti. The work is ongoing and i will add new ones as they are produced and shown. All use digital archival prints on watercolor paper.

These works are free to share and print under copyleft rules.





close up
All works copyleft sandy 2016/17. Thank you Tup Wanders for the wonderful Fettecke font!
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